Gourmet Soufflé

Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with gourmet soufflé, I just liked how it sounds.

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The day has felt quite short as a result of choosing to sleep in today instead of waking up early to start crossing things off my to-do list. Having these photos taken was probably the most productive thing I’ve done today other than reading some Jane Austen & attending one class. Welp, priorities.

Being back at school for the new semester has thrown me for a loop. I am now entertaining the thought of redirecting my career path and diving more into the study of communications. I enjoy my personal blogging here as well as blogging for my internship so much that it has become something I want to continue much past graduation.I am so excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On another note, I love taking pictures on a bright cloudy day. The clouds soften your light source creating a  very nice white background. I love the way they make photos look crisp and clear. One thing I truly love doing is just going out without a plan and finding somewhere that inspires you. Sometimes not knowing exactly where you’re headed to begin with brings you somewhere quite beautiful.

Thanks for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love





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