Pale Predilection

A few weeks ago while attending a friend’s wedding, Sam and I passed these unique trees on the drive home. I dropped a pin and we said one day we would go back to check it out. Yesterday, we followed the pin and routed our way back to these beautiful trees. About 10 minutes from our destination, I noticed signs saying a market stand was approaching, selling local honey and apple cider slushies so I wanted to stop there too since it was on the way. We drove a bit further and it turned out that the cool trees are owned by the market selling the honey and their building had been right behind the trees the whole time.


Turns out Millstone Creek Orchards is more than just a little market stand. Aside from all the beautiful apple and peach trees, they have an entire building filled with local honey, homemade butters & preserves, baked goods, home decor, apple ciders slushies (10/10 would recommend), and the best customer service you’ll find. Though we weren’t there long, I felt the happiness and kindness in that building the whole ride home. I love meeting such kind people behind a business. Beyond the building they have plenty of outdoor picnic tables, tire swings, and even do hayrides. Blueberries and blackberries in full swing soon!!! If you love shopping local or just want to spend some time outdoors while meeting some wonderful people, go visit!



I found this dress at Kohl’s a while back (thanks grandma) and sunglasses compliments to College Inn. These comfortable wedges are yet another Marshall’s find (surprise surprise). To shop this look, here are some similar pieces!





Contemplating how to tell an apple tree from a peach one. SOS.


I’m so glad some twisty trees led me to fresh local products & some wonderful people. We left the orchards with local honey, a cool t-shirt, apple slushies, and too many chocolate chip cookies, but the feeling of supporting a great place goes beyond all of those things. All worth the drive.

-from Anna with love

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