Oh What a World

Oh what a world…so full of shoes…too good to be true. (sing this in the tune of the Kasey Musgraves song)

When I’m shopping for clothing or jewelry, I am usually looking for certain styles in particular or only pick up something that quickly catches my eye. When it comes to shoes on the other hand, I am attracted to them all.


There’s no pair of shoes I would turn down, unless they’re super used from the thrift store because my mother told me I could get diseases that way. But seriously though, I can envision an outfit styling for any pair of shoes. I’ll take a pair of each please.

It is a blessing and a curse. You might not believe this but because my affection for shoes is so strong and easily earned, I rarely buy shoes. I can never choose and I get too attached to ones I already have. The shoes in the picture above I got from Target in 7th grade and look at me rocking them as a 21 year old. I usually only get new shoes when my mom surprises me with some…and then I love them and wear them until they break. RIP to my Easyspirit sandals that looked like Chacos and Birkenstocks had a love child.

If you haven’t see on my gram lately, I have became a partner with Purcado, a start-up company based in Durham, NC! When I received an email from their marketing manager and saw the word “shoes”, she had me.


Purcado helps shoppers find the best shoes, at the best prices, from the best retailers. As the most advanced shoe comparison tool on the web, Purcado allows you to effortlessly compare and save up to 70% off your favorite footwear brands in one search. They save you time and money so you don’t have to compare 50 different websites just to see who is having a sale on the UGG slippers you want. C’mon you know you want UGG slippers to make you feel glamorous while you watch The Bachelorette.

As a Purcado partner, I was given the opportunity to travel to Durham for the day for a photo shoot with their photographer, Katie. She was a joy to work with and had the most beautiful smile. We walked the streets of Durham, searching for every bright and colorful wall we could find. Here are some of my favorite photographs from the day!


Another thing I am excited about is the other bloggers who are Purcado partners! I love how Purcado did their research and chose a small group of bloggers who they felt truly match well with their brand. I look forward to sharing our next meetup with Purcado! Hopefully I get to do some more Durham exploring because of it.


My current faves pictured above! I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’m going with these shoes on.

I hope you all are having a relaxing summer so far and are taking time to explore the world around you. Oh what a world. Tell me something new you’ve seen this summer! Purcado’s landing page counts [ wink wink 😉 ]

This blog post is dedicated to my favorite pair of shoes. This pair passed away a year ago today when the straps broke after years of use. Here’s until I find you again on a shelf somewhere….RIP

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetLove your shoes until the day they die.

Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love

5 Spring Forward Favorites

Check out some unique, wooden watches by JORD included in my spring must haves!

Happy (almost) Spring! The official first day of the season is March 20th, but I wanted to share a few of my must-haves and things I have been loving lately to get you ready for Spring! Thank God for the wedding and baseball season. 

For this blog post, I have partnered with JORD watches to do a giveaway for you all!! JORD and I are going to give one lucky winner a $100 credit to go towards one of their watches! ENTER HERE:

Good luck to you all! Let’s hop into my favorites!

  1. Wooden Watches

I love wearing wooden watches because they match any outfit! It is very rare I buy colorful jewelry or accessories, because I get attached to a few neutral pieces and then I wear those every single day. I have two silver rings, a simple bar necklace, and my wooden watch from JORD. JORD’s handcrafted time pieces are unique and also very durable. During springtime, I love to get outside and go for a walk by the lake or visit nearby gardens, so it’s good to wear pieces that can’t get easily scratched or damaged. 

My watch 


Men’s watches

Women’s watches 

  1. Fruity Prints

Let’s talk about this lemon trend. It made me throwback to my Lemonade by Gucci Mane days… I love lemons and like to eat them even though mother says they will ruin the enamel of my teeth. Oh well. I also love how oranges on clothing is pretty easy to find now too. All this citrus just inspires me to drink a smoothie so I approve. 

  1. Cappuccinos


Lately I have been switching up my latte order and getting a cappuccino instead! When I am at home I use non-dairy products, but when I treat myself out and about at a coffee shop, I like to get regular milk. Cappuccinos have less ounces of milk than lattes and are frothier, so it’s a lighter dairy option which my skin loves. I haven’t tried a non-dairy cappuccino yet but that’s my next healthy step!

          4. Exploring New Cities


It’s amazing how close neighboring cities are when you live in the Triangle. I am lucky to live right off the interstate which makes getting to and fro even easier for me. Though I am in a Raleigh address, I can get to Downtown Durham or Chapel Hill in 20-25 minutes. I have loved exploring cities outside Raleigh. I know consider myself a “hotel sitter.” For me, just sitting in a well designed or decorate place inspires me and spikes my creativity. Exploring places I have never been makes me feel more productive and I love sharing special places with you all! If you are in the Triangle area, please go to the Durham Hotel and just get a cappuccino and do work in their beautiful lobby. Or just go to the rooftop with a coffee soda and look at the amazing view. 

  1. Biking


Seriously, when I was little I every time they took the training wheels off my bike I never would touch it again because I would try and fall and give up. I finally was forced by my friends to learn during our spring break trip to Charleston. I found a yellow bike at Walmart I want and have the desire to bike everywhere. I really need to work on my balance anymore before I get anywhere near a busy road, but at least now I can’t say I don’t know how to ride a bike anymore. #Imhavingachild-hood 

Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table. Learn how to ride a bike if you never did. Drink less whole milk. Explore a new city. Enter my giveaway to basically win a wooden watch. Love ya. Happy Spring.

-from Anna with love

Perfectly Polished

Polished Nail Bar is the best nail salon in Raleigh! Right near downtown!


Happy Spring Break to my fellow college students! & for everyone else who is working hard right now, happy Thursday!

Today on The Coffee Table, I want to shine a spotlight on one of my favorite places in Raleigh! I went on a spring break trip to Charleston this week and went to Polished Nail Bar with my roommate to get pedicures before the big trip! They are based in Charlotte and have 6 locations in the Charlotte metro. The Polished I visited is the first one in Raleigh and is their 7th and newest location.

As soon as you walk in, you immediately feel luxurious by the tall, cushioned, studded seats, the glamorous chandeliers and the glittery walls.


Not only is this salon beautiful, but the people working there are so kind! The manager had mimosas flowing and offered to take so many pictures for us without me even having to ask. I have been to so many different salons where the employees working with you don’t really care to get to know you, but at Polished I had a very different experience. My roommate and I had great conversations with the ladies making our feet look fabulous. They gave us great suggestions for the city of Charleston and asked lots of questions about my blog and what I do!





Polished is located conveniently on Glenwood Avenue in Downtown Raleigh. It’s the perfect place to go with friends after getting coffee or lunch! They even have a private room if you want to have a party! I cannot wait to go again in April with a bridal party I am in. Thank you again, Polished Nail Bar for giving us a great start to Spring Break! To check out Polished, click here!

Polished Social Media: 




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Happy almost Springtime! Don’t forget to moisturize and add some pastels to your life!!!

-from Anna with love

This, That, & 2018

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s interesting that for the majority of my life on New Year’s Eve, I was so ready to leave the year that was closing in the past. I was always so excited for the clock to strike midnight for the chance to become a completely new person. There was so much excitement for how good my life would be when I had the chance to start everything over. I remember the first New Year’s Eve in which I didn’t feel this way. It was December 31st of 2013. Let’s just reminisce through the instagram caption, “Cheers to 2013. It was the best year of my life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for 2014. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today. Let us begin. Happy New Year!”

Let’s be real. 18 year old me probably googled “new years quotes” and stole one for my caption, but regardless of who said it, there’s wisdom in those words. Ever since that New Year’s Eve, I changed how I felt about the years passing by. Now I have become sad to leave each one. At the end of the past few years, including this one, at the end, each feels like the best year of my life.

In 2017, I started The Coffee Table.

I met A LOT of people because I become part of the blogger community in Raleigh.

I felt like what I had to say actually mattered to someone out there.

I shared the love of God with more people.

I screwed up with some people. I wasn’t as honest as I should be.

I learned what an authentic macchiato is.

I became pretty good at card games.

I had thousands of beautiful pictures taken by Samuel Holt.

I participated in my final Conrhuskin’.

I worked with brands small & large and went to some pretty extravagant lengths for some photos.

I found a place where I could share pretty little things, the daily pleasures of life, the sweet times & the bitter ones, my Marshall’s finds, and share all the blessings God has given me.

The list could go on and on. I honestly might fill a notebook the next few days.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


For 2018, there’s nothing in my life I want to stop. I want to do everything I do now, but do it more carefully. I want to treat people with more care, take better care of myself, and put more thought into my actions. All I really want is for my time to be spent well. I want to work harder instead of complaining about all the things I’m not doing.


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


In 2018, I want to be more intentional.

I want to practice calligraphy & hand-lettering.

Go back to Lake Johnson weekly like I used to.

Take better care of my plants this second go round. lol I should be ashamed of myself for buying the plant lady shirt from Magnolia Market. I did not deserve it.

Learn whether or not its actually possible to think before you speak.

Just keep breathing.


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Cheers to 2018! I hope that you all start the new year with the people you love. At least some of them, I know its hard to fit them all in one place. As you go into the new year, remember that there is nothing more you need to be, do, or have in order to be happy.

You have it all already.

We have today. Let us begin.

-from Anna with love

A Weary World Rejoices


Happy most wonderful time of the year! 

I hope you all are as prepped and ready for the Christmas season as I am. I am fully prepared to eat my weight in a combination of Pillsbury crescent rolls, chocolate fudge, and my mother’s lemon sugar cookies these next coming weeks.

My favorite part of the holiday season is the peacefulness that comes after the weeks of stress and hectic running around in search of the perfect gifts & holiday accessories. I get wrapped up in trying to make everything perfect during this season. I stress myself out over large things like exams to worrying about how my handwriting looks on a gift tag. The best part of the season comes when it’s the week of Christmas and I’m tired of trying to be a perfectionist and choose to simply be. Resting in the joy on people’s faces & the love of those surrounding you is the most peaceful place to be. There’s no comparison or competition, just peace.

There is abounding joy in the acceptance of where you are and who you are.


In celebration of the Christmas season, I traveled to a nearby greenhouse that sells Christmas trees every year. This is my first Christmas blogging, so I was very excited for an excuse to have a photoshoot among all the lights & bows that deck the halls of Dales Greenhouse. My look of the day was a combination of Black Friday finds mixed with some cool shoes courtesy of grandma (shoutout to Elsie). I was definitely feeling some KJP vibes.


Shop the Look

Top: Kohls




While roaming around the grounds, an employee of Dale’s saw us taking photographs and welcomed us into a hidden gem out back: The Poinsettia House. Never have I ever seen such a beautiful array of plants. If you’re not in the Christmas spirit, please do yourself a favor and find a poinsettia house and just spend a few minutes in awe. If that doesn’t make your heart giddy then there is no hope, you are Scrooge.


I hope you relish in the joy this time of year is capable of bringing into your heart. I pray for each and every one of you who may feel lost or lonely this holiday season. Don’t let hurts of the past reign over your present. Enjoy time of rest with family and friends. Remember the thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.

Merry Christmas to you & yours from The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love

Cornhuskin’… as told by a senior

When discussing college traditions, the average person might think of turning a tassel or rushing the streets after winning a basketball game, but for me, the first thing that comes to mind is to most people just a side dish at Thanksgiving…my MCGs know what I’m talkin about…CORN.


Every year, when I talk about “Corn” to my friends and family who don’t attend Meredith College, there is so much confusion. Cornhuskin’ is one of the most confusing things to explain because there are like 20 things that go into it and you feel obligated to explain every little special facet so nothing is left out. I wanted to write this to explain the main attraction in a nutshell. If you have never had the chance to watch, DO IT! As I’ve heard for years, “you just have to experience it.” I have no clue who started that quote, maybe the marketing department, who knows, but it is very true.


At Meredith College “where we reign, in the parking lot where we spend most of our days,” we have a love for tradition unlike any other college I’ve seen. Every year in the first week of November, we celebrate what I would best describe as a Meredith College Holiday known as Cornhuskin’. Since 1945, the students of Meredith divide into groups by their class year and show off how well they can shuck corn, bob for apples, wear a pig nose, and most of all, dance. After typing that out I feel quite ridiculous but let me tell you, it is a huge deal. I mean you have to be outside the amphitheater where we perform at 6 am. show day just to reserve a good seat.

About a month before the day of Cornhuskin’, each class finds out their theme, typically a movie, show, or time period, which will then be used to create a skit for the class to perform, along with a compilation of dances. We try to be as in sync as possible, emphasis on the word try. For every day since we have our first meeting revealing our theme, we work long and hard learning dances and skit lines. As a senior, my month of October was thinking mostly about the fact that you can always retake a class you fail, but you only get one Senior Cornhuskin’.


Each night, for at first 2 hours, then 3 hours, and then until 1 am max (S/O to our big sis class of 2016, I’d never get sleep without you), our class of 2018 practiced 4 nights a week on 5 different dances in preparation for one night. Our theme was Back to the Future featuring numerous 80s hits so each practice felt like a jazzercise class. Ice Ice Baby brings out the best in all of us.


There were nights I went to practice even when I didn’t want to and even when I felt the pressure of homework and tests the next day. Like I said, you only get one senior corn.

And then there were days I skipped practice because it was raining. Or I wanted a milkshake more. My class might disown me after reading this.

I was so impressed by the amount of people in my class who hardly ever missed a practice. This time of year can be so busy with holidays approaching and having many midterms. I’m glad there was always someone willing to be kind and help me learn a part of a dance from a night I had missed or help me perfect a move that wasn’t quite right. Shoutout to our Corn Co-chairs for writing the skit to make our whole performance possible and for never missing a night with our class.


Last week of dance practice, you could feel all the emotions flowing. All the things that have been part of our college experience we were doing for the last time. Our big sis class rolled up to the parking lot where we practice, car horns a blazin, for the last time. Thanks for the pizza that night it was much needed. Our class got to present the tunnel we finally got to paint as seniors. We watched our littles killing the game at can art and finally got that President Jo Allen onyx pic. (SEE BELOW)


I participated in my favorite tradition for the last time. My jaw dropped multiple times, especially when I saw those freshmen do such an amazing job. My eyes watered at our littles dancing to My Wish by Rascal Flatts. My heart feared defeat when I saw the juniors creative costumes. It is sad to think about not going out there to dance again. Maybe I’ll initiate an alumni Cornhuskin’ since I can’t bear the thought.


We made posters and signs to place around campus, scrounged around mom’s closet for the totally tubular windbreaker, and made sure our hair was perfectly teased for showtime. But most importantly, we processed in together and we flooded that amphitheater after winning our senior cornhuskin.

It’s a night I can never relive. It’s a time I can never get back. It’s a time I’ll never forget.

**plays Don’t You Forget About Me from the closing scene of The Breakfast Club. Peace out to my rad Meredith College women.

Thanks for joining me for this corny facet of The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love


My Yellow Year

Happy Saturday!

And Happy Fall (officially this time!!) Somehow tomorrow is October already…?

Life update: one week ago today I hit the big 2 1. I had the pleasure of spending my 21st birthday at a Fall Retreat with the campus ministry I am a part of. No margaritas, but lots of great fellowship and chocolate cupcakes. And my big basic birthday balloons, of course. Welcome to my yellow year.


I know the Pantone color of the year is greenery, but for me, it’s yellow. Don’t mind me if I look like I’m dressed like a brand ambassador for Amazon. Maybe that’ll be my Halloween costume.


Though I love all shades of yellow, this shade of golden mustard is my Fall yellow. Look how it’s making Wells Fargo pop in the background. Shout out.

These photos were originally part of a photography assignment for Sam Holt, but I couldn’t help but steal them away. Anytime I happen to be downtown I like to have a picture to remember. There are so many stores and restaurants down each street that every time I am visiting downtown, I am somewhere I have never been before. During this visit, I visited the Starbucks downtown for the first time. That wasn’t really on my list of places to visit, but you know, ya girl got thirsty. Hopefully, I will earn my title as a City of Oaks local and someone somewhere will know my coffee order when I walk through the door. Maybe they’ll remember me as the girl with the yellow phone case. Not as classy as the girl in the green scarf, but I’ll take it.



Other than this shade of yellow, I am also loving the ongoing fall trend of bell sleeves. They add a lil somethin’ somethin’ to an outfit without being over the top. Give me all the bells & whistles!

Shop My Look:

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My best fall advice is to wear something yellow & carve a pumpkin! Show me how you celebrate the fall season by sharing a photo & using #thecoffeetableblog!

No automatic alt text available.

Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love


Desserts & Dior

Hello friends!

Happy September!! I hope your first 5 days of the second most wonderful month of the year (aside from December) have been filled with the thought of pumpkins and cinnamon spice 🙂 If you’re reading this today, then the PSL at starbucks made its grand return 14 hours ago so please go enjoy that.

Though I am obviously thrilled about this new month, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the last day of August. August was filled with anxiousness and excitement as I started my senior year of college at Meredith. It has been extremely hectic finalizing a schedule for this semester and making sure I have everything completed before May. And aside from all the school work, there are a million club activities and events to tend to and sometimes there’s no time to relax and just be. But here, now, today, I have some of that relaxation time. Thank you God for the ability to rest and reflect the goodness.


On the last day of August, I attended another fabulous Trifabb event! This time, we were hosted by Kendra Scott of Raleigh in North Hills. The lovely ladies of Kendra brought in desserts from the newly opened Seasons 52 Grille in Crabtree Valley Mall and makeovers by Dior. Let me tell you, every time I am surrounded by the ladies of Trifabb, I become more and more inspired to write and continue blogging. Surrounding yourself with encouraging and supportive people makes all the difference.


Speaking of being around people who inspire and encourage you…the lovely Molly Stillman not only organized this event, but brought her camera and took professional headshots for each of us who were interested. Thank you Molly for always making the events such a great time. During the evening, Kendra Scott donated 20% of the proceeds to a nonprofit here in Raleigh that Molly is very involved in called Transforming Hope. Their mission is to end human trafficking through “education, prevention, and restoration.” North Carolina is rated in the top ten of states where human trafficking is most likely to happen, so Transforming Hope wants to educate those in the Triangle and raise awareness of this issue. If you are interested in learning more, getting involved, or donating, click here. I could hear the passion behind Molly’s words while she spoke about the nonprofit’s mission. When the people who lead an organization have such passion, you know it will be a great success.


I love supporting companies that have a mission that goes beyond just making a profit. Kendra Scott seems to be always giving back. Last year, the company gave millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations, including some in Raleigh. I believe that it is important to bless others with what you have been blessed with. Finding companies that also find blessing others important is something I always look for when shopping. So thank you again Kendra Scott for giving so much, to us Trifabb ladies and all the organizations you have supported! I have one piece of Kendra Scott jewelry in particular that I wear EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter what. It goes perfectly with everything, including my onyx. To check it out, click here.



This night was another night where I was able to relax and not stress about turning something in or meeting a deadline. On social media, it is so easy to become competitive. You compare your likes, comments, and followers and wish for more just because you think that’s what gives you value. As a blogger especially, it is easy to compare myself to others and wish I was as well known as they are. That’s really not what its about. I want to remind myself daily that we should point out others strengths, even if that means admitting that they might be better at something than we are.

We should put out our best and just have fun with it all.


Probably the best part of the night was finally meeting Mallory Middleton face-to-face. Mallory and I had been insta-friends a good while, but had never met! Her blog, The Cheers Years, is filled with fun recipes that have a nutritious spin on them! The best part is that tons of her recipes are only 5 ingredients. Perfect for someone like me with little to no cooking skills but with a huge interest in nutrition. Shoutout to Mallory for doing the hard part for me.

I am so happy for this new month. I am so grateful to be blessed with time for rest. I know that no matter how busy life can be, there will come time for rest. I pray that each and every one of you reading this will snuggle up in a sweater, enjoy the upcoming chilly weather, and pray with a grateful heart. Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

My Big Fat Kindred Cake Picnic

In this blog post I worked with Kindred Cake Co. to create a one of a kind picnic. With bohemian prints and bright colors and Chick-fil-A lemonade I beat the heat.

If you are from the South like I am, you know how unbearable the heat has been this weekend. My cameraman almost died. His face was blood red and burning up. For 20 minutes….. For all you northerners, must be nice. Kindred Cake Co. reached out to me recently and wanted to sponsor a summer activity featuring one of their beautiful cake creations. What a better activity than a picnic in the park? My Pinterest has always been flooded with those Summer bucket lists that I never actually end up doing and picnics are always at the top of the list. I have never been on a picnic because A) it’s easier to just eat in my kitchen and B) the summer heat in North Carolina. But I love collaborating with local businesses, so I couldn’t pass it up. Kindred Cake Co. was gracious enough to supply a beautiful semi naked yellow cake with buttercream frosting, flourished with a decadent floral wreath. When we decided to make this happen, I left all the creative baking decisions to Kindred. I was surprised to open box and see yellow flower petals. They used my favorite color without even knowing!

IMG_0459IMG_0479FullSizeRender.jpg (8)

Kindred Cake Co. is a local home bakery located in Wake Forest. What I love about this business even more than they are local, is that it is owned by a mother and daughter! The pair uses and continues to create their own family recipes which makes Kindred Cakes so unique and special. This cake was delightfully yummy and tasted as great as it looked!


When I decided to do a picnic, I didn’t want just any picnic. I wanted a picnic that would keep me as cool and comfortable as possible as one could be in 100 degree sweltering heat. So I grabbed my pillows, throw, and antique picnic basket (thanks Maddy) and hit the road to Fletcher Park.

FullSizeRender.jpg (7)FullSizeRender.jpg (5)IMG_0465IMG_0462

This picnic was inspired by the luxurious glamping I have seen in magazines and on airbnb. I was inspired by the campsites bohemian looks with bright and bold colors. Getting outdoors and doing something new is always fun, sometimes it just takes eliminating some of the intimidating factors in order to make yourself try. Nobody likes itchy grass so I had to figure out a way around that.  I picked up these gorgeous pillows at Home Goods and the striped throw turned picnic blanket from Target. Though my Chick–fil-A lemonade was refreshing, I didn’t last in that heat for more than our hour hahaha.


All in moderation. Balance is key. Knew I was going to have some cake so I brought some watermelon and blueberries to still get those vitamins. #healthiswealth


Thank you so much Kindred Cake Co. for such a beautiful creation and for inspiring me to finally have a picnic! Finally marked that off the bucket list! If you are interested in placing an order from them for a cake, cupcakes, or any special sweet treat you can email them through their Facebook page or Instagram! Mention the code CAKELOVE to get 20% off your order which is good through the end of August! Happy Summertime!

-from Anna with love




Sleepless in Raleigh


good morning. night. 12:41 am eastern time from a sleepless gal

Surprisingly after what is supposed to be the longest day of the year, summer solstice, I am still ringing in the season and am yet to feel tired. Well I thought I felt tired, but after laying down in bed for two hours trying to sleep with no success, I think my brain is feeling otherwise.

It is always this time of night where questions and thoughts are flowing through my head begging for answers. I get so annoyed when my brain seems to complicate my choice for a simple yes or no question. As I ponder my options and organize different opinions, random thoughts start to infiltrate. A quote that kept popping into my mind is this:

“There is nothing more you need to be, do, or have in order to be happy.”

I first found this quote scrolling through Pinterest back in 2013. It encouraged me so much that day and reminded me that there was no reason for me to be moping around because I couldn’t have exactly what I wanted. I felt so empowered by the reminder that I could be happy without achieving a certain status or being in a certain friend group. At the time, I had been so caught up and focused in pleasing certain people that anytime I felt the slightest rejection my mood would suddenly down spiral. Sometimes as humans we get so zoned in on our own personal goals and dreams that we forget to pause and ask God where He wants us. I have found that chasing over certain things persistently for selfish gain will just leave you with a feeling of falling short.

I love having goals and things to work harder on, but I think it is also important to reflect on what is already good in your life as well. If you are content and appreciative of where you are in life, then when something good comes, you can relish and enjoy it, instead of just trying to get, get, get and moving on onto the next big thing. I used to spend so much time working on myself because I just wanted to prove a point. I selfishly just wanted to prove to people that they were wrong about me. I wanted to just prove my worth. I should have never been so tough on myself trying to prove my worth to other people when I have a God who loves me the way I am; the way He made me.

There is the most beautiful stillness that is found in the assurance that God knows what He is doing even when you do not.

Such trivial issues I was thinking on before 12: 41 am…

-from Anna with love.